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To being a INFORTEC student is a milestone. It tells you how far you’ve come. Keep learning, keep trying, keep accomplishing, and keep venturing on through your journey. Congratulations!

Working hard to achieve success.

Congratulations, new INFORTEC students, remember that you have started working hard now! We will guide you. Daily learning is ultimately the key to success. Never stop learning, dreaming and achieving. Go get a degree!

We reaffirm your confidence.

Now that you are an INFORTEC student, you will be able to put your knowledge and skills to the test. You have more challenges than points. We reaffirm your confidence to face those challenges successfully.


The Infortec International Asia Campus has a wide range of quality programs that are designed to inspire, mold and nurture the future of students and practitioners in computer science, nursing, pharmacy, engineering, business and accountancy and also professional courses such as CIMA, CCNA etc.

This course aims to provide the fundamentals information technology, methodological and implementation issues of IT-related subjects. This course is both highly technical and people-orientated.

This course aims to provide New and advanced nursing strategies also form the core of our learning program. Training sessions are also an integral part of our nursing program.

This course has been specially designed to provide the students with the knowledge regarding the varied important aspects of nursing practice. Our experienced faculty focuses on the different approaches as far as treatment and care of patients is concerned.




B.Sc in Nursing inauguration Program, New Intake 2021 December. Commencement on December  26th
Special Nursing Degree Program Recognized by the University Grants Commission, Targeting New Salary Increases in Nursing. (Credit transfer program to final year)


BIT(Hons) New Intake 2021 December. Classes start on Sunday 19th December 
Special BIT Honors Degree program for Diploma Holders in National College of Education (NCEO) in Information and Communication Technology and LIT.(Credit transfer program to final year)


The KSPL 2019 cricket Carnival is agonized by Infortec International Asia Campus with Sri Lanka broadcasting cooperation – Kadurata FM, Ministry of Educations of Central Province with all other stake holders of cricket with having objectives of developing school crickets to international level and as initiative action for treasure young cricketers for future Sri Lanka Cricket.

he purpose of higher education is not just to acquire knowledge and skills, find a job after graduation, or ensure upward mobility; more important is to cultivate in young people a humanistic quality and caring attitude, the importance of values and a sense of fulfillment rather than just pursuing personal success indicators. When success indicators contradict with values or sense of fulfillment. We wish our all graduates.

Our goal is not simply to support CSR initiatives but to pioneer and champion them by proactively working to improve operational practices and increasing the understanding of our employees, our candidates, our suppliers, and our customers. These initiatives aren’t just standalone events but are embedded in our business practices and form a key part of our overall business strategy.

What Our Students Say

U.A Udurawana
U.A UdurawanaVision International College Kandy.
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“The faculty and staff at Infortec International Asia Campus are very supportive. My experience here was really wonderful. After my A / Ls, my higher education journey was very upside down, and the staff at Infortec helped me and stayed with me. The students here are also very friendly. Infortec International Asian Campus is a student friendly environment.”
Pubudu Nuwan
Pubudu NuwanNalanda College Colombo
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Infortec HDCS (Higher Diploma in Computer Science) has given me the skills and knowledge to go beyond superficial writing based on what others have worked on, and I have been able to understand the depth of what I do. I currently work as a System Administrator at Microsoft (Accordo Group)
U.D.B Rajapacksha
U.D.B RajapackshaRanabima Royal College Kandy.
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Infortec International is an international education organization that organizes their coursework with an emphasis on quality. We have the opportunity to interact with teachers from different countries and learn more about new technologies and trends in global employment opportunities simultaneously.
S. Anuradha Ranasinghe
S. Anuradha RanasingheSt. Thomas College Matale
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When I chose a learning center for my degree, I considered the history of the center, their teaching resources, and the quality of the teachers. After comparing it to other learning centers, I knew that Infortec International Asia Campus was the best choice. Now I am feeling more positive about my knowledge.