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Course Overview

The Master in Nursing in the Faculty of Nursing is able to produce professional graduates who are equipped with proficient skills in the field of specialty. The supervision on research process and students attachment to their own specialty in the clinical areas enable students to enhance competency in their specialized areas. This attachment enables students to be more analytical, and inculcates leadership skills in their daily process of work, students are able to reflect,evaluate and provide ideas in making decision. Graduates will acquire a highly developed understanding of complexity in nursing theories, perceptions and technologies innovation that can be functional in the health delivery system to effectively and efficiently in providing safe nursing care in various specialties. Students after completing this course can pursue careers as Clinical Nurse and Nurse Practitioner as a researcher in public and private hospitals or community health clinic.

Program Aim

The aims of the Master in Nursing:

  • Strengthen the research methodology and professional knowledge of the graduates to meet the challenging demands in the research both nationally and globally

  • Develop graduates by enhancing the understanding of evidence based practice to enable them to take up leadership roles in planning and implementing nursing care

  • Utilize critical thinking and problem solving skills, teamwork effective communication skills and scientific skills which contribute effectively to the community

  • Promote and enhance professional, ethical value and aspiration of career development and to pursue further higher education through lifelong learning

  • Develop leadership and management skills in pursuing career development and acquire the entrepreneurship skills in health care services.

Career Opportunities

The Master in Nursing is designed to provide students’ academic and technical skills in broad areas to enable them to find their niche in the industry, government sector, public advocacy, legislation and academic to become independent nurse managers, educators and researcher. Graduates can continue education and pursue courses in teaching and mentoring to enable them to supervise, coach and teach undergraduate students. There are also opportunities in higher education in a lecturer-practitioner role, which allow graduates to combine an interest in teaching with hands-on practice, research and on consultant roles.

Suitable for
  • School leavers After A/L’s
  • IT Practitioner’s looking for IT Degree
  • Those who wish IT as a career path

Program Structure



# Subject Code Subject
MNR 7013
Nursing Research I: Quantitative Research Method
MNED 7013
The Psychological Basis of Teaching and Learning
MNED 7023
Principles and Practice of Teaching and Learning in Nurse Education
MNR 7033
Nursing Research II: Qualitative Method


# Subject Code Subject
MNR 7023
Statistics and Statistical Computing for Nurses
MNED 7053
Issues and Trend in Nurse Education
MNED 7033
Nursing Curriculum Development and Assessment of Learning
MNR 7043
Research Project I: Research Proposal


# Subject Code Subject
MNED 7043
Educational Quality Assurance
MNB 7013
Leadership and Management in Nurse Education
MNRM 7056
Research Project II: Project Paper


# Subject Code Subject
MNED 7066
Practicum in Education II

Assessment Methods


Lincoln University College – Malaysia

Duration : 24 Months

Level : Master

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