Alumni Membership

welcome you into the next part of your Infortec journey

Congratulations on leaving Infortec!

Congratulations to all our students graduating in 2021! As you embark on your next chapter of life, we will like to stay connected with and welcome you to the INFORTEC alumni family! Here’s how you can join us: Graduates of INFORTEC are eligible to apply for the following membership cards:
• The IIAC Alumni Card

This is a one-time application, a lifetime membership for all part-time and full-time graduates. IIAC alumni enjoy many services and privileges. Hence, it is important that you update your contact details with us so as not to miss out on the most updated notifications, which include networking opportunities, invitations to alumni gatherings, campus concerts, career/further education talks and personal development programmes. The card will serve as a form of identification when you come back to campus for these activities as well as to book selected sports facilities. With this card, alumni are also eligible to apply for the INFORTEC Online Library membership card to access the quality resources. To apply for the *complimentary lifetime IIAC Alumni Card, please Alumni office at

Alumni Card Application Form

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